Final year.. here we go..

After having a bit of fun experimenting with a stop motion animation for the Northern Ireland BBC ident I was looking forward to getting stuck into something a little more challenging.

This semester we will be be creating a piece of work that can be either, entered into a festival, whether that be a short film, an animated short, game or instead an employer lead project.

After organising ourselves into teams, we got stuck into researching different film festivals and briefs to get an idea of what direction we would be interested in taking.

My team consists of Matt, Hannah, Scott and myself. For Friday we need to have an idea of what competitions we are thinking about entering and what sort of direction we are going to take with the project.

In class we also discussed notebook methodology and some techniques we could use with our own sketchbooks to help make them more of a creative journey than just a notebook/sketchbook.

A couple of links to some techniques:

Link – SKETCHNOTES : Personally I do like the idea of this technique as it makes the notes taken much more visual and creative, they become a piece of work that you would want to go back and read over. Notes that have been made along with a doodle are going to be much more interesting to look at than just a set of words, after all, the points that have been noted have obviously stood out to the notetaker – so why not draw something that will help jog your memory after the event?

Link – BULLETJOURNAL : Actually, I could probably do with starting this with life in general, I tend to be one of those people who writes everything on a post it or scrap of paper and then loses it. However I do think some of the techniques within Bullet journaling could be applied to a sketchbook, like an index and the numbering of each page – it would certainly help anyone who is looking at your sketchbook understand it and the journey you are recording a little easier. It could also be a useful technique in terms of project management and keeping track of everything that needs to be completed and when it should be completed for.

However it will be a case of trial and error until you find the right technique that suits your style of note taking…

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