To begin with we started looking into festivals and the categories that they offer which we could possibly enter and most importantly… their submission dates!

The RSA: Student Design Awards was a competition mentioned during class, it has 12 different briefs and submission opens mid January, however, none of the briefs actually interested us as a group, we felt that the content around which each brief was based a little too restrictive and uninteresting and, that there would be something else out there in the world that we would, as a whole, really engage and run with.

RSA: briefs – Student design awards

…so we took to the internet to find something we could really get stuck in to…

Funnily enough there was actually a site that provided a list of Animation and film festivals, their submission dates and any guidelines, link: ANIMATION FESTIVALS

Some of the festivals we took note of were:

  • San Francisco International Film Festival, Submission date 1st of January. Cateogry for animated short and the festival is recognised by The Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences. (Oscars)
  • Athens Animfest, Submission date 31st of January. This is exclusively an animation festival with student and animated shorts categories.
  • European Independent, Submission date 31st December with a late deadline of January 22nd. Based in Paris with categories for Student and Animated.
  • Sydney Film Festival, Submission date 27th of February. Specific animatation category, this festival is also recognised by Oscars, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • Raindance Film Festival, Submission date 7th of February. London based with a specific animation category.
  • Dingle Animation Festival, late submission date 19th of December. This is a well known festival in our part of the world so why wouldn’t it be on our potentials list…

However the competition that really caught our attention was DepicT! The brief being, ‘What can you do in 90 seconds?’

link to: Depict website

Seeing as none of the festivals actually had a brief to follow we decided that our next step would be to look at existing animated shorts, in particular those that had won or been shortlisted at festivals… hopefully something would spark up an idea.

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