Inspiring Shorts

This is a post of some animated shorts which could be a source of inspiration for what we may create.

Escarface: I really enjoyed this short, it has a great storyline, it’s funny and surprising – you don’t expect the little old ladies to be bank robbers. The style is very appealing but I was really drawn to the environments and the texturing, the sets are really quite quirky and original.

In terms of the animation of the piece I wasn’t really a fan, in my opinion it seems unfinished and a little too ‘floaty’- at some points there is no sense of weight to the characters.


Wildlife Crossing: A tail of two snails that are in love, yet they are trapped on opposite sides of a busy road. Again this short has a great storyline, it’s a simple, straightforward story. In my opinion everything about this short is appealing, the character design, the environment, the texturing, lighting and animating! The use of camera angles is also admirable, each angle used helps to convey the story, each has a place and a timing, the shots from the low perspective of the snail really help the audience engage with the viewpoint of a snail and how their interpretation of the world around them differs to ours.

None of that: The nun is my favourite! she reminds me of Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes with some of her movements and design.


Again this is a really appealing short, the style, the story, the textures, just the overall design but in particular I really enjoyed the animation of the characters, each has a really strong sense of personality because of it.There is an element of exaggeration with the character animation, which just adds to the style of the short making it more enjoyable to watch. I think humour would be a great direction for us to go as a team, it would keep the project enjoyable, most of the shorts that we have watched and discussed all have a great, funny story… so we seem to be going in that direction at the moment.

Jinky Jenkins and Lucky Lou: I thought the style of this short was great and could be of use, the environments especially, they are a great source of reference in terms of texturing and lighting, the lighting seems to add a lot to the short in terms of setting and mood… I just love the overall design and look of the environments…


I admired the contrast between the animation of each character which succeeded in highlighting their differences, one being lucky and one not so lucky. The character design could also be a really good source of reference, the characters are adorable, each character is different yet together they work incredibly well, because of the style of the design – which helps to keep the audience interested in their story… the unluckiest man meets the luckiest woman, we all know how it’s going to end…

Jonny Express: Back to comedy! This really is a favourite of mine, I love the story – it’s surprisingly simple but results in a good laugh, which is also down to the animation of the characters and the timing of some, just downright funny moments. It is however a rather attractive short in terms of it’s style and texturing, which could be of influence… there’s a strong sense of colour scheme used throughout.



Home Sweet Home: This really is a gorgeous short although it does have a slightly darker theme! Anthropomorphism hasn’t really been discussed between our group yet, it was successful within this short because the animation of the houses provided them with really strong personalities through the uses of the principles of animation, I genuinely really enjoyed the character animation of this short, the main characters have been beautifully animated even though they are – just houses. There isn’t anything from this short that couldn’t be used as a source of influence or research, however, the aspect which I really got a lot from was the use of lighting and how it interacts with the world around it, they managed to create some really great environments – in turn creating some incredible shots which help the audience to empathise with the characters.






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