Character Design

Below are some early character concepts I developed for our project, I attempted to keep the designs similar to the references and research on the previous post.

With the concepts above I was attempting to keep them similar to the character references we had discussed as a group (PopEye, Gerald McBoingBoing, Fallout) anything with that flat, simplistic stylised look to it.

From this I cut the concepts down into 4 that I felt were my strongest but that also best matched the style we are hoping to aim for. I then drew these chosen concepts out digitally to see how they would translate on screen. Also taking into account the research I had gathered on character design, I tried to use shapes that wouldn’t be intimidating to the audience by avoiding sharp, defining edges.


We decided to go with a female character due to the fact most PSA videos were directed towards men or where discriminatory towards women, we decided to break the trend. From here as a group we decided that the top right image ‘Velma’ was a design that we all enjoyed, it was simple yet interesting, as these were just early concepts I hadn’t bothered developing a full character and instead focused on the face and personality I was trying to convey, so the next step was to concept the full character design.


However, in the concept above ‘Kimmy’ looks too young, she’s about to be heading off to university not starting school, so I had another attempt, I had been giving the character boots as I don’t really like drawing feet but turns out the boots were contributing to making her look younger than we needed her to.

I had also started to develop a side profile for the design above, turns out side profiles are incredibly hard to draw, so I kept it rough.


Reference for Kimmy’s clothes was also taken from Pinterest of a few styles that were available from the 1930’s to the 1980’s (the golden age years.) Keeping it simple and relatively tight to Kimmy’s figure to avoid having to animate at a later stage the secondary action of her clothes.

Matt then took this rough concept and produced a more refined design of Kimmy as he had taken on the role of art director, with character design being a strength of his, as a team we also really admire Matt’s style of drawing and had decided that he would do the final concept/design for any characters and artwork we would need in order to keep the style consistent throughout the project.

Kimmy, re-drawn by Matt, including a few emotions that she may feel throughout our episodes:

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 22.45.30.png


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