More references…

Here are a few more examples of PSA videos we’ve come across which depict a style that we find appealing:

The Five D’s of Dodgeball:

This video reel from the film Dodgeball is actually a great example of the style of PSA video we want to achieve. Firstly it has the comedy and the interaction of the narrator – however the only verbal communication within our episodes will be through our narrator, Kimmy won’t speak at all, she will simply react to him, and currently we are unsure of what secondary characters we will need, they may or may not speak. The lack of colour is another aspect that is becoming more and more appealing to the group, the scratches and noise that appear on these old pieces of tv/film appear to work much better with black and white, the flat 2D style will have a nice effect when combined with a lack of colour.

Look around you: Calcium:

The video above has a different kind of humour, pretending to be serious but in actual fact is making no sense at all, it juxtapositions something that is rather important with silly footage and situations: eg. Episode one, is Calcium soluble in water? a rather pointless experiment but filled with quite funny imagery and statements from the narrator.

We discovered that Mr.Bean is also a great reference, he has no verbal communication with the audience yet it is still downright funny. This is mainly because of Rowan Atkinson’s exaggerated movements and expressions, through this he is able to connect with the audience. Many of the situations Mr. Bean finds himself in may also be something that members of the audience can relate to on a personal level, they can put themselves into the characters shoes, making the humour even better. However it’s the comedy of the show that is the biggest attraction, the writing and the portrayal of the character compliment each other perfectly to produce a, universally successful programme.

Don Hertzfeld, is another animator worth mentioning, his short films are incredibly unique in terms of their content and humour. ‘Rejected’ released 2000 is a cult classic which many quotable lines. This short is made up of animations of Hertzfeld’s that were created by a fictional version of himself and rejected commercially. The cartoons and characters get progressively inappropriate throughout the film to represent a mental breakdown of the animator.

This animator is relevant to us as he has developed his own niche of unique stories with a humour that wouldn’t be displayed in mainstream tv/films, a dark sense of humour but one that is downright funny and random, which may be an aspect of use to us in terms of providing the audience with the unexpected.

Wren and Stimpy: An example filled with uncomfortable extreme close ups. The animation style is also rather appealing, it’s pushed to the extreme at some points in terms of what it can do, some of which is similar to that of programs within the golden age era. Although the humour of Wren and Stimpy is directed at an older audience member as the it does have a rather dark side to it which in the end only makes the humour more entertaining.




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