Story Development

Just a quick post containing some of the ideas we’ve come up with that could become episodes for ‘Kimmy as a student’:

  • Alarm clocks: One thing that many people believe is that student have trouble getting up in the mornings, despite their alarm going off. We could show various and ingenious lengths that students go to, to make sure they actually get up.


  • Student Accommodation: Everyone knows some horror stories about student accommodation. We could cover the state of the housing, eg. Kimmy gets out of the taxi, her new home looks lovely and then the cardboard cut out falls down and behind it is a dump. Messy and annoying housemates could also be included in this episode: not washing their dishes, uneaten food and rubbish bags piling up…


  • Smelly Students: Students are known for not having the best personal hygiene, there are many ways this could be explored throughout this concept, one being that even a rat passes out as the student walks by.


  • Cooking: When the oven doesn’t work, what other methods do students use to cook their food? eg. Ironing their bacon and steak.


  • Deadlines: This is  a big part of student life, sometimes it feels like life is passing you by outside because you are constantly working. This episode could cover the events that could happen outside while we watch a student work away… starting with the obvious such as the seasons and time, all the way up to the utterly ridiculous… Aliens attacking, nuclear warfare, the end of the world…


  • Working in teams: what happens when you end up in a team where most of your team mates let you down. We could show days where Kimmy is left without any of her team… other where one is actually a cardboard cut out, another is continuously annoying and distracting: poking her in the face, another comes in and stabs her in the back.


  • Public Transport: Everyone knows public transport can be unpredictable, buses come early, buses come late, we would see the 4 seasons pass Kimmy by eventually becoming a skeleton when the bus finally arrives… she gets up and gets on.


  • Coffee: cups of coffee, coffee shots.. we see the character deteriorating from a lack of sleep, but the coffee keeps her going, eventually she just has coffee on a drip.

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