Monster Animation Tests

After Scott had finished the monsters rig  I attempted a few test animations to try out the rig – the monster only appears for a short short second in the background as he walks past her bedroom window.

I thought it could be quite interesting to have the monster fight back against the fighter jets and planes, although we had to cut them from the actual animation I still made sure they were put to use somewhere.

This was my inspiration for the short piece of animation for the monster, h reminds me slightly of King Kong so I thought I would attempt something.

It’s just a quick piece of animation as the monster only appears briefly outside Kimmy’s window, so there wasn’t really a good enough reason to be spending a lot of time on him when there were more important jobs to be getting on with. He would be a rather difficult character to animate due to the weight that would have to be displayed in his arms and that they are longer than his body.

I had imagined him walking slowly with his weight shifting side to side because of his size or something similar to that of Baymax…

There is actually quite an appealing sense of weight with the video below that could be applied to the monster if we were to develop a walk cycle:

I love the overlapping action in this next one, I can imagine that would be quite fun to animate on a character that shape:

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