Kimmy Test Animation

Kimmy rig

Scott was responsible for rigging all of our characters and I have to say the standard of the rigs he produced was impressive, he made our job as animators much more enjoyable as we didn’t have to fight with the rig to make it do what we needed.

Scott’s post on rigging the characters –

Once Scott had produced rigs, they then needed testing to see what adjustments they may need – although it wasn’t until we began animating the characters with the specific movement in the particular scenes that we truly noticed anything wrong with them. There were no major problems with the rigs just the odd bit of tidying and deformation that needed cleaned up.

Below is a walk cycle I created with one of the early Kimmy rigs. As we had been referencing the characters into each scene this meant that Scott could give us a simple rig to work with while he developed one to a standard he was happy with, the new rig would then replace the old meaning that all of the animation was still there.

I also animated a run cycle, to see how the rig would perform although they weren’t actually built to walk and run. We never see Kimmy walking around in an episode.

Some helpful videos to refresh my memory of walk and run cycles:

I do like using Alan Becker’s basic walk and run tutorials to as a reference for cycles, they are quick, straight to the point and easy to understand. The 2D is clean and can provide a welcomed break from 3D and can sometimes give a different perspective on the cycle in question because of the different style.

– The Animators Survival Kit, Richard Williams was, as always a massive tool for reference when I start to animate.

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