Episode 2: Animation

With myself doing a good bit of animating in the previous episode I didn’t have as much to do within the second, in fact just two scenes, involving the clock character.. however there was a little bit of lip sync included.

Alarm Clock, Wake Up

A progress video to show how this piece of animation came about. At first the lip sync seemed as though it was going to be an incredibly tough challenge but after having a play around with the rig and deciding what shapes his mouth needed to form and whether or not he could in fact make them I found that it wasn’t quite as tough as what I thought but it was still hard, however I am quite proud if this scene, the clock is one of my favourite characters, there’s just something so much more appealing about him – maybe that’s to do with the anthropomorphism. I can say that this is one of the scenes that I am very pleased with, it was a great scene to animate. The only downside was having to listen to the dame dialogue over and over again.

It was mentioned during presentation that the animation of the clock could be pushed further, I attempted to do this and I think it has worked well in developing his personality that little bit more:

Kimmy turns off the Alarm clock:

This was just a simple little scene that didn’t really need much animating, or so I thought. As the video below shows the adjustments I was making throughout animating the scene, there is one slight movement that just seemed to bring the whole scene together and that was the slight deformation of the clock as the hand hit him, that little movement just seemed to bring the whole scene together.

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