This was Hannah T’s domain, she worked on creating the stylised look of Kimmy and how to apply the toon lines. The lines allow for Kimmy to be seen whilst also fitting in with her background.

The backgrounds for each scene were hand painted by Matt and applied as a camera projection to the scene, below is an early projection test by Matt.

Above is a link to Matt’s art for the project.

Hannah T was also our compositor so before rendering a scene we needed to check that all the objects that she would need rendered were in the correct renders layers within Maya to render we were using maya software.

Once the render layers had been set up we had to make sure that Kimmy’s nose had been assigned to a separate layer as a material override – Kimmy’s nose doesn’t show up with the toon shader so Hannah T suggested the idea of rendering a shadow on a separate layer within maya which could then be overlayed in after effects to create some sort of nose for Kimmy.

To give Kimmy her flat look, there were a few adjustments to be made in the material attribute layer before rendering. This applies to anything within the scene that would need to be rendered, the ambient value was to be maxed out while the diffuse value was turned right down… this would then give Kimmy her flat looking style, the style that we had set out to achieve at the beginning of the project.

How Hannah T kept herself and everyone aware of what was needing done and what had been done…

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 10.27.35.png

Link to Hannah Turkington’s post about rendering and outlines:

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