The End of Semester One

Unfortunately, it’s hand in time and  we’ve only managed to have Episode 2 completely finished, we aimed to produce two episodes and sadly ran out of time to edit together all the renders from the first episode, it’s rather disappointing that we got so close but just weren’t able to cross that final hurdle.

The main problem with the first episode was the amount of animation it contained and how far we were tying to push it, for me personally, my scenes of animation aren’t completely finished and I would have loved more time to see just how far I could push my own animation skills,  but there wasn’t enough time left and other deadlines and assignments had to be completed.

However I am incredibly proud of the team and what we managed to produce at the end of this semester, we set out with a style in mind, that we were determined to create and we did exactly that. We pushed ourselves in what we thought we were capable of but also we pushed each other, I can say that I’ve learnt a lot from this project but also from the people I was working with. In particular this project allowed me to develop my skills in animation, we had 2 main animators and a tonne of animation to complete, most of which were rather tricky shots. The aspect that pushed me well out of my comfort zone was the style of animation that we were aiming for, although I may not be completely finished with some of my scenes I am proud of the standard I was able to push them too, which would’t have been possible without the high quality of Scott’s rigs.

This semester was a great learning curve and I’m proud that we managed to pull off what we did. Below is the finished edit of Episode Two: University Mornings

The animatic for Episode One: Deadlines

The rendered shots from Episode One:

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