Location Research

This project has two main locations that I have taken first hand research for, the first being the forest and the second the road, which appears briefly at the very end.

The forest within the short will be quite dense but with bare, almost dead looking trees. For research I headed up to Woodburn Dam as it contains a lot of the type of tree we’d be looking for, in particular ones with branches that don’t start until above the average height of a person. Along with tree’s I also captured some examples of things found in a forest that could possibly be of use when creating our environment, this trip also provided great examples for how light moves through a dense forest and how trees will always grow towards the light.

The shots below are references that may be useful in regards to the road, they can provide a starting point as to how the road may be displayed – where does it lead to? it is flat? on a hill? between mountains?

The photographs below have been taken in a range of locations which include, The Mournes: Silent Valley and Slieve Donard, Mount Errigal in Donegal and Iceland, these locations are sparse and vast – much like how we plan on having our environment. The photographs taken whilst in Iceland are useful in terms of colour, with the short being set in a post apocalyptic world there isn’t much vegetation or even lighting, so the monotone/ greyscale of my photographs is useful to see how the colour palette works within an environment.


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