Aokigahara Forest

Mentioned to us during our project pitch by Yuan, Aokigahara forest is located in Japan near Mount Fuji, also known as the ‘Sea of Trees’ because of the very high density of trees but it is also known as the perfect place to die due to the high number of people who go there to commit suicide – many trails are closed to tourists due to the risk of getting lost and being unable to find a way back out of the forest – those who have come to end their life will wander deeper into the vegetation.

Below is a documentary about the Forest where a camera crew follow local geologist, Asuza Hayano who works as an environmental protection officer within the forest, into the forest showing what he discovers on an average day of work.

There’s also a horror film – The Forest – based in Aokigahara, which allows us to see how the forest was portrayed in film.

These films allow us to see just how dense Aokigahara is and how the light interacts with the vast number of trees. This could be useful reference when it comes to us creating our own forest scene, how to make it look natural and how the atmosphere of the forest reacts to the intensity of the light. Our short will have just one constant light – as it is a post apocalyptic world with everything in the process of dying – there will be a bit of experimenting with light intensity to gain the desired tone for our piece.

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Some secondary research taken from the Aokigahara website to show how the forest looks outside of the film without any post production effects and treatment.

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