Character Sculpt: 1

Below are Matt’s character designs for the little girl from which I’ve started sculpting in Zbrush.



The biggest challenge is going to be figuring out how the 2D designs will be translated into 3D, for example the nose works in 2D but that design is going to have to change slightly to be created in 3D. Below are a few references found on how we could go about tackling this challenge:

Upswing: The characters in this music video have very defined, chunky features and head which is very much like the style that we are aiming for with our short. This video provides a good reference for how the nose may be created – just look at how far the eyes are sunken in to create a brow line for the character.

Sonder is another good source of reference, in profile the characters look 2D but in actual fact they are completely 3D – Skip to 24 minutes in of the Unite 2016 video below and you can see a turnaround model of Finn, the main character.

Below are just a few images I have taken from Google images after searching for Zbrush stylised character sculpts, these images are of particular interest as they will help figure out how we plan on having the character look in side profile, particularly how the nose will join in with the rest of the face.

I’ve also included below a few timelapse videos of character sculpting in Zbrush, I particularly enjoy watching time lapse sculpts as it shows the thought process of the artist and how they approach the sculpt and the whole process behind creating the character. Comparing the differences of workflows between artists helps in deciding how I will approach this sculpt, it makes me aware of the different techniques that others use, in particular how they start the sculpting process.

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