Location Research Part II

A few more research photos that I snapped while out walking the dog. This time the weather was a lot duller than in my previous post on locations which has worked in our favour. The light between the trees wasn’t as harsh and contrasted, which can also be said of the shadows. Overall the photographs taken show a much more monotone colour palette which will be of more use to us, our environment won’t have a lot of different colours mainly just whites and greys with the exception of the jeep itself which is contrasted with the environment.

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Below are a couple of images I came across whilst endlessly scrolling through instagram and facebook, the images below are good sources of reference for the ash and how it may interact with the forest, the vast height and shape of the trees. The last image is a good source of reference for our opening shot that pans down from looking up at the top of the trees until the little girl’s face comes into frame.

The image below gives us an idea of how the ash may sit on, and within the forest itself, how the light will move through and interact with the surrounding trees. This image is actually a great source of reference and inspiration as it is very similar to our concept art. The tall, slender trees with not too many leaves (although ours won’t have any) the forest isn’t too packed with trees but we can imagine that the forest pictured is in fact large and vast. There is a constant light throughout the forest that doesn’t create any harsh highlights or shadows with the environment fading into the brightness of the sky.

How the ash might interact with the forest
  The height and shape of the trees
Our opening shot

The image above is a nice source of real world reference for our opening shot, how the trees would look from our chosen angle before panning down to reveal the main character of our short.



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