Modelling Update

Since the project pitch our modelling of assets is coming along well:


Below are some screenshots of what I’ve been modelling:

Previously I had modelled the deck chair with loose fabric but we felt that it should still be pretty well attached, so I’ve straightened it out in the shots above.

The completed Jeep model, the jeep was modelled to look the same in smooth mode as it does in hard surface. It’s also a higher poly model as it will be close to the camera at points – this will provide us with the detail required for these shots:

Assets for inside the Jeep:

Steel Kettle:

First Aid Kit:

Pocket Watch (WIP):

Cigarette box:

Reference Images:

Character blocking: The Stranger

I’ve also blocked out The Stranger character so that Scott was able to build a simple rig to pass onto Dan – alllowing him to be able to animate with something similar to the final model and rig he will eventually be given. The blocked out character was modelled from the concept art so all the dimensions won’t be changing much between this model and the final model.




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