Presentation 24th Feb.

The main requirement of this weeks presentation was the animatic – which was drawn out and put together by Matt. Throughout the week the animatic went through a lot of changes as we sought advice from Alec and Mike, which really helped us to develop and fill in gaps within the story, below is the link to the animatic we presented today:

Link to the Presentation of work shown also:

Below is a link to a post containing updates on our asset modelling

After Yuan mentioned Aokigahara during our initial pitch I decide to do a little research into it. Although we don’t want to end up copying the layout of any real world forests – we want this to be very much our own location and design, post:

A few more locations I came across while out walking the dog which are a good source of reference to add to our location library on google drive – Link to post:

Hannah T and myself also looked into different rendering and texturing techniques which can be found at this blog post:

Since the last presentation I’ve also looked into the character of the Stranger and some influences from film and documentary which can be found at the post linked:

There has also been some progress on the character models, Matt’s drawn out some character designs from which I’ve started sculpting, more about this can be found at this post:

For Wednesday 1st March I’ve also organised a meeting with a sound designer, we waited until the animatic was in a good enough position to show to him as it would be easier to show him what we aiming for rather than just describe and to also give him an idea of the visuals that he will be working with as we plan on matching our renders as close as possible to Matt’s original concept art.

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