Hannah and myself have been looking into a few different render engines including, renderman, unity and substance painter.

Renderman examples:

Taken from the renderman community: 

Also a few tutorials I’ve looked at from the renderman community page looking in particular at the different methods of creating car paint shaders with renderman within maya:



Digital Tutors:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Small Robot Studio on youtube also has a lot of detailed tutorials concerning Renderman and even substance painter:


A few quick tests that I carried out using the Stirling model downloaded from the renderman community site and the current jeep model whilst following along with a few small robot studios tutorials on youtube.

With the render below I experimented with the Pixar Disney shader for the main body of the car playing around with the specular, roughness and clear coat values. The glass was a preset that came with renderman and the tyres a plastic preset material with a U ramp plugged into the colour channel.


a few more shots of tests while trying to familiarise myself with renderman:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also attempted some quick render tests with the trees:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Renderman has an environment daylight light dome that allows users to pick the month, day, hour, time zone, Latitude and longitude of the lighting which I found gave quite good results. The trees were textured with the Pixar Disney material with a solid fractal plugged into the bump channel to give a ‘woody’ texture. Below are some notes taken whilst attempting the renders:


Substance Painter, a few examples found on the Allegorithmic gallery:

Some stylised renders that I found really appealed to me, it would be great if we are able to get results like these through using substance as it is an amazing piece of software that if used correctly can give some really beautiful imagery.


A few tutorials that are worth taking a note of:

The substance academy has a number of ‘beginning with substance’ tutorials:


Digital Tutors have a few tutorials that will be really useful in getting used to substance:

Introduction to substance painter: intro

Introduction to materials in substance painter: mater

Physically based rendering in substance: mater2

The tutorial below is useful as it is of a more stylised nature instead of photoreal – it provides a workflow for those wanting to create stylised work:

A few screenshots of tests before James gave us a quick run down on how he uses substance which helped with my understanding of it, Ill hopefully get back to playing around with it at some point.


We had also considered using unity because of the results that real time rendering offered but after a chat with Greg, he suggested that seeing as none of us have any real experience with the game engine that we should maybe stay away from it and stick to what we know at this point in the semester. Although we are currently veering more towards using renderman as our renderer.


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