Character Sculpting, Part II

Below are some screenshots taken of the sculpt at various stages throughout its creation within zbrush:


From here I sculpted half of the face, once happy with the shape I would then duplicate this over…


Once happy with the overall shape I  masked and hid the non-sculpted side and deleted my hidden geometry, I then duplicated and merged the half I had been sculpting on creating a symmetrical model as seen below:


I then started to add in a slight jawline, however at first it was a little too harsh for a young girl, as you scroll through the images below you’ll see that she does end up with a slight double chin and a bit more volume in her cheeks…


As mentioned in my previous post ‘sculpt reference’ I came across a couple of images that changed my view on how the nose would be created in 3D, below I have tried recreating the reference images on my own sculpt:


The nose was finally starting to work in 3D, although it still has a little work to go. I’ve also started to add volume to her jawline making it less distinctive, after all she is only a young girl and wouldn’t have much definition to her face yet.


I then started to blend the bottom of her eye into the cheek, removing the harsh line that had previously been visible…


To create the hard edges I was switching between the hpolish and the trim brushes (adaptive and dynamic) above I was also considering her brow and how it would look.

Below are early zbrush sculpts that have been retopologised so that Scott could start some form of rigging while I carried on sculpting and working towards a creating a much higher poly model,with the correct topology. With the models below my topology wasn’t quite correct when compared with the reference images I had previously gathered. The images directly below are the main references that I followed whilst retopologising (I’ve been switching between a few sources to get the best result) as they are the most similar to the design of the girl and how I envision she will look once completed.  The model below is similar in terms of the large eyes and how the artist has created the brow, which is an area I really need to focus on and get right as she needs to be able to express her range of emotion through her facial expressions as she doesn’t speak.

With my first retopologised model the mouth and the nose weren’t connecting, there was no ‘grid’ on the cheeks of the model and the ear wasn’t connected correctly: these are all points I will have to watch out for when I next retopologise the model. I will also pay closer attention to the topology references as I feel I would be able to create some really great topology for the character.

early model for rig
Early sculpts

early model 2

The mouth: As I mentioned on my post, character reference I was considering building the mouth first in maya as a low poly feature which I would then bring into zbrush and develop – after some trail and error of trying to sculpt the mouth directly in zbrush, this was the method I opted for:


mouth 26

Higher poly model: Again the topology of the first image below wasn’t correct, I had managed to correct the topology between the mouth and nose so that it connected correctly but I was still missing that ‘grid’ on the cheeks, but this was finally corrected in the second image after multiple attempts and the topology really does look a lot neater

retop 01 _ wrongretop 02

The current sculpt that will be passed onto Scott to rig, although it has already went through some  changes, more defined eyebrows were added and the topology along her jawline corrected so that she could be given a little more shape – so that when her mouth moves the geometry under her eye would be affected slightly – just like in real life:

final sidefinal front


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