Forest Influence

Created by Playdead, , both games provide relevant examples as to how the camera may move through the forest, both have a similar approach of employing a panning movement.



With Limbo the camera is level with the character as he moves through the game, however with Inside the camera is slightly higher placed, we are now viewing from above the character, this has a nice effect as he moves through the forest with trees passing in front of the camera. Inside will probably influence our camera choices more than Limbo as the camera works better for the needs of our audience – they need to able to see a lot more of the environment as our character starts to wander through our forest, back to her father but both are still extremely useful sources.

Again instagram is a great source for location references, the account linked below has a lot of photographs relevant to our project – dark, foggy, massive forests with skinny, tall trees – which will be of particular use when it comes to setting up our shots, cameras and scenes. I’ve also included a few of their shots that are of particular interest to our group.

I found the image below of particular relevance as it portrays a child like persona exploring a forest, how they would interact with the environment, how they would act and show their childish nature, which is something that we are going to have to consider throughout the project especially when animating but also possibly when it comes to the layout of our scenes and the objects of the forest that she interacts with.


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