Presentation 7th March

This time the main requirement was an updated animatic, which Matt has been working away at (among other things) meanwhile the rest of us are pushing forward with creating assets and models for the project.

Below is the link to our latest presentation:

and the updated animatic, however as a team we’ve decided to work on creating a 3D animatic as there are aspects such as perspective that will be easier to figure out in 3D than 2D:

Since the presentation the little girl’s head sculpt has been finished (for now) and passed onto Scott for rigging, however there will be a lot of back and forth until the rigging is finished depending on how many adjustments Scott needs made to the model.

final sidefinal front

To see more of the process behind the sculpt follow these links:

I’ve also been looking into techniques used within film such as negative space and have provided references to show how different genres have employed it throughout a film and the effects of this. To read more about this follow the link below:

The link above also contains information on relevant cinematographers, composition and how best to develop suspense within a scene, with examples showing how these techniques have been used within certain films and how we may use them within our own.

As always we’ve been carrying on with our research throughout the process and the link below has yet more location research but of a secondary nature, referencing photographs from artists on instagram that we feel are relevant to our project along with examples of games by the company known as Playdead:

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