It’s now week 8, we are halfway through the semester and we’ve had a team meeting to discuss how we feel the project is coming along and what changes need to be made to make sure we make the deadline with a project that we feel is finished and are happy with the standard of.

One of the first things brought up by Matt was his opinion that there was still a lot to get done and that if we carried on and ignored this that we wouldn’t get the project completed to the standard we want, which is completely true. One of the biggest challenges that we would face would be convincingly portraying our main character as deaf, we just wouldn’t be able to reach the standard of animation that we would want within the time left – we could but ultimately that would end up in a lot of late nights, rushed work and us hating our own project.

So instead Matt pitched us a new idea. We would now only have two characters, the girl and the stranger, she still doesn’t speak and her main drive is now hunger – not curiosity. The new story would mean the film will become a lot shorter and it would be quicker and punchier than before, there would be less of a slow build up to everything – with the overall theme now being that of a thriller. All of our assets and textures would still be used within this new idea, the only model that wouldn’t be getting used would be the sculpt of the dad character.

With her new drive being hunger, the little girl’s overall character now changes and she becomes much more aggressive and driven, she will do anything for food. She will approach the campsite to look in the pot, then into an empty can on the ground throwing it away before noticing that the door of the jeep is slightly ajar, she’ll head into the jeep and then the confrontation between the two characters takes place, with the little girl still pulling a gun on the stranger. There will be a gunshot like before, a cut to the tree tops and then we’ll see the girl happily walking through the forest food in hand.

References for the new character of the girl:

Laura, Logan: In the clip below we see how Laura looks like a perfectly lovely little girl until she is confronted by someone who tries to deny her something she wants. This is a great example for our character as neither of them speak, they communicate solely through their actions and facial expressions.

Eleven: Again this is another young character who doesn’t take too kindly to being told what she can and can’t do. Like the character of Laura, Eleven also doesn’t speak, meaning that her character is conveyed through the acting of the actress, Millie Bobby Brown. This is something that will have to be applied to our character animation, as she doesn’t speak her actions will have to be more charismatic and more threatening to convey the tone we are aiming for.

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