Character Artists

This post contains a number of Character Artists whose work I used as a source of reference and inspiration whilst modelling the young girl for our short.

Guzz Soares is a freelance3D artist from Brazil, specialising in character sculpting. I used his work as a reference and indicator as to how I should go about sculpting our girl character – he has the ability to sculpt characters in a range of styles and I found his work to be of real inspiration whilst creating our model.



The link below contains a description of how Guzz himself goes about creating one of his models:

Some of my favourite models from his collection:

I had been using a couple of his models as reference and influence for the girl model:

Brandon Lawless is a Visual development modeller from Los Angeles working for Disney Animation Studios. He has created models for films such as Big Hero 6 and Zootopia. His human character models from Big Hero 6 were a great source of reference again for when modelling our girl character and in particular her hair and how he has sculpted it in clumps of hair rather than single strands.

A few other models taken from his ArtStation page:


CG Society:

Brice Laville Saint-Martin is a Spanish character designer. I’ve included his work as a source of reference due to the models finished look and the defined edges he’s gained which is a style that would suit our short perfectly although our characters wouldn’t be nearly as defined as the models below.


Dan Beeson, 3D artist from America has a clean, simple quality to his work which I found particularly interesting and appealing, there’s a real sense of professional quality within his work.


Vincent Dromart is a look development artist from France. I found his model of Pocahontas a good reference for our girl character as they have similar shaped heads. The hardest part of the character sculpting process was taking the 2D concept and making it 3D, however the Pocahontas model gave me an example of how I could go about modelling our character’s head, in the end it was the option I ran with, the eyes, brow line and cheeks are aspects from his design that I adopted into my own.


Julien Kasper, 3D artist from Germany. I found his models to be particularly captivating and I couldn’t resist including them in this post. His female characters were of great reference due to the charm they seem to exude. Again hair was another reason for using his models as reference, he has also chosen to sculpt the hair in clumps as it suits a more stylised nature.


Christopher Wright is a CG modeller for Laika Studios. His models have a sense of personality about them due to their design and posing but they are still a great source of reference for that stylised nature we are aiming for.


David Barrero‘s work was helpful as with each of his models he also includes a version showing the wireframe, giving me an idea of how I should aim to build my model and how the topology should flow. The stylised quality to his work was also rather appealing to look at and study.


Ander Liza is a character artist for lion studios and animation mentor. Again it was the stylised quality that caught my eye, the eyes were of particular help whilst I was sculpting the girl – they both have rather large, round eyes.


Dylan Ekren was a character modeller on Big Hero 6. Hiro’s hair was particularly useful for me as it is similar to the style of Goku that I was aiming for, it gave me a sense of how to create the 2D in 3D.


Pedro Conti is a freelance character artist. I found his work useful whilst sculpting the girl’s eyelids, his models in particular have a lot of volume to them. The middle image below was also useful for when sculpting the girl’s face as his is very similar to the shape and layout of hers.


Victor Hugo Quieroz another artist whose work I used whilst sculpting our character. Again he was used due to his approach for creating models of a stylised nature.


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