Presentation 7th April

Below is a link to our latest presentation:

This morning we presented the 3D animatic of our short. At the start of week eight we had a group meeting to see what stage we were at with the project and realised that we may need to change a few things  – our short now has a different story. To read more about the new story and our reasoning behind making these changes follow this link:

3D Animatic:

Also this week we showed our character progression:

character progression

From the image above you can see that the Stranger character model is finished and the rigging is well under way…

Since the last presentation some adjustments were made to the girl’s face to help with rigging purposes, in turn improving the model overall. Follow this link to read more about those changes in a separate blog post:

Her hair:

I’ve also started building the girl’s body and clothing, to do this I’ve been using Marvellous designer which is proving to give some nice results.  To read more about this process and the results follow this link:

References and a little bit about what Marvelous designer is used for:

A blog post containing the artists I looked at for reference:

For this presentation we were also able to get a short, moving render of the style we are aiming for. The render also shows just how close we are to replicating the style of the concept art though we are certain we can get it closer – to texture we are using Substance Designer and for rendering Renderman.


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