Presentation: 2nd May

Below is a link to our final presentation:

We also showed the latest version of the animatic in which every animation had been started by either Matt, Dan or myself, with Matt editing the animatic together. The animatic also contains some of the sound that Simon has created for us, you can read more about his work on this post: LINK!!!!!

We weren’t entirely sure about how people would react to the end of the credits sequence but as a group we liked the dark humour of our short. The night before the presentation we invited some of our classmates, who were also in late working, to come and watch our most recent edit to get a sense of how they felt about the twist – they actually laughed out loud, which was the response we were hoping for.

We did receive some criticisms about some of the camera work within the animatic, particularly as the girl walks into the camp for the first time and the action that happens within the jeep. It was suggested that there were too many camera cuts as the character walks into the camp for the first time and that some people found this rather disorientating – to avoid this Matt decided to only have two cameras within the shot – one from behind as the girl walks towards the camp showing the layout of the scene and then as she steps over the branch the camera would cut to a view closer to the jeep with the girl walking towards the camera instead of away from it, showing the camp from the opposite side informing the audience that all the action will take place within the space shown between the cameras.

It was mentioned that the camera movements within the jeep were not favourable but also disorientating as the camera steps over the invisible stage line, one minute the jeep seats are in the background, the next they’re in the foreground. This time Matt done a little bit of research into camera cuts and in particular the feedback that was mentioned – camera work by Jackie Chan and he would shoot a scene in which a character would grab a gun and I’d have to say that Matt did do a really great job in applying these camera movements to help the whole scene read a lot better than before.

Within the presentation we also showed our character renders, environment renders and asset renders.


We’ve included some Easter eggs within the sets. The sugar crunch character is our monster from our first semester project, ‘Life in the 21st Century’, he also appears in keyring form on the girl’s backpack at the end of the short, if you look closely at the cereal box when it is situated in the back of the jeep you will also get a glimpse of Kimmy, the main character from Life in the 21st Century.

Hank, the turtle, is a character from one of the other major projects within the class, he features in our film as a bobble head on the dashboard of the jeep. If you look closely within Hank’s own film you will see our cereal box and the girl’s backpack placed as Easter eggs within that short.

Marley and Bob is another Easter egg from Dan’s first semester project in second year.

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