Animation development

Within this post you will see the various stages each shot went through before it was anywhere near being finished.

Below are the blocked shots I’ve animated:

The stranger grabs the girl:

with this shot the hardest part was the interaction between the two characters, planning out how he would grab her – how far should he pull her?  however the overall shot just wasn’t working with the scenes following it so Matt took on this scene as he was animating her reaction to being grabbed, this would helped the overall sequence flow better if the same person was animating.

Stranger Stirs: 

As the girl climbs into the car the stranger is awoken and turns to see who it is. The animation of this scene had to be subtle as we don’t want to draw the audiences attnetion to him, we still want him to be a surprise to them but in order for the story to make sense he had to shown previous to him grabbing the girl, so we’ve placed him in the bottom of the frame.

This finished piece of animation can be seen in the next shot where the girl climbs into the jeep.

Climbing into the jeep:

The clip above includes the final version of the stranger stirring. This scene was fun yet challenging to animate with the hardest part being animating the girl pulling herself into the jeep. There had to be a sense of weight to it that was convincing to the audience.

Noticing the cereal:

Again this scene was a lot of fun to animate, in particular the girl’s reaction to noticing the cereal and the licking of her licks to indicate her delight. I really enjoyed the facial animation of this scene and feel I managed to convey a bit of her personality within this shot.

Opening the door:

This scene needed a lot of weight applied to the movements of the girl, making it more challenging to finish. she had to interact with the door convincingly otherwise the scene just wouldn’t work. I had to remember that a little girl wouldn’t open a jeep door in the same way I would but would struggle with the weight of the door, which is what I’ve tried to show convincingly in this shot.

Walking to camp:

This was by far one of the hardest scenes I had to animate, originally another member was animating the scene but it was passed onto me at a later stage, I didn’t have quite as long to animate this scene and Im still not happy with how it looks. To get it done in time so that Hannah T would be able to render and Matt ended I animated a walk cycle on loop and then used the global control to move her through the camp. Unfortunately this then meant that there would be moments where she would slide as she walks but at this point in the week the scene just needed to be finished and passed on. :

Link above shows the walk cycle of the girl as she walks to the jeep. I tried to keep her weary and nervous as she walks through the camp.

There are some inconsistencies throughout the piece but this was just down to the fact that we had so much animation and animation by far is one of the slowest moving aspects of creating a short piece. There are aspects that we aren’t happy with as a team and we plan on fixing them up before the show but I am proud of how well we coped with the amount of animation and standard that we managed to achieve.

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