Production Management


As producer I had to keep myself updated on everything that everyone was doing, the stages they were at and what they were moving onto so that on the days that Matt (project lead) was not able to be in uni I was able to inform people on what the plan was if they needed anything.

A producer I also had to organise anything that we were planning on outsourcing or needed help with. With the original story in which the main character was deaf it was my responsibility to contact a sing language expert so that we could talk about how best to portray our character and so that we would be able to get reference video’s for when the time came for animating, however we then cut this detail from our story and developed it into the final piece that we now know as hunger.

Another aspect was sound, I was tasked with the responsibility of finding someone who would be willing to work on our short, preferably as student as all we were able to offer them was a credit on our film. Fortunately an old friend of mine was very willing to work on the project for free as he himself is a student and wanted some projects to work on for his own portfolio. My task was to organise meetings with him roughly every two weeks or when needed, I had to know how he was getting on, what stage he was at so that I could update Matt and that he was aware the date that he needed to be finished by. Simon was a pleasure to work with as he himself is a hard working individual and I was really surprised at the work he provided for our short, it really helps to set the ambience and tone of the overall piece.

Lastly it was job to create a shot list and keep it updated once Matt had produced any new animatics, this part did become a little more intense during the time period where out story was being changed and new camera angles and scenes were being added and or changed.

Below is the final version of the shot list timed to the final animatic:

I also pulled together a shot progression sheet for the group in general, people could use it if they were wanting to keep track of what they’ve done or still have to do.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 01.25.03

Below is the research I conducted towards a shot list, I wasn’t exactly sure of what or how much it should contain, I look at a few different examples and built ours to suit our needs.

A glossary of terms so that to make sure I was using the right language:

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