Reflection of major project

I really enjoyed this semester and I got to work with a team of hard working and driven people. We set out with what was a hugely ambitious and even though the story was tweaked a little along the way we still had a huge task ahead of us in terms of wanting to achieve the art direction Matt had set out from the beginning and also due to the sheer amount of animation that we had to do.

I feel that this semester I really pushed my technical skills to improve them I was given the chance to try new things within a group of people who trusted I would be able to pull it off, even if I wasn’t so sure of it to begin with. The character model turned out well because I was working within a team of ambitious hard workers which in turn pushed me to strive for more. Feedback was also a huge benefit, as we would tell each other exactly what our opinions were and we weren’t afraid of offending one another as we realised that criticism when given appropriately and correctly is the only way we are going to improve.

I am incredibly proud of this team and what we managed to achieve this semester and I realise just how lucky to have the chance to work in a team of people as great as Matt, Hannah, Scott and Dan.







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