Degree Show

As a class we’ve set up a committee to organsise the end of year show, this is an open group for anyone in the class to come in and out of as they please as long as one member of each group is present.

The committee will sort the layout of the room, the boards, costs, printing and the design of the room in general.


As a group we decided that we didn’t like the layout that last year used, but that we would much prefer to keep everything to the outer edges of the room – to set it up more like an art gallery with a wide open space in the middle for people to wander through.

Everyone went away and create a few options based on what we were wanting, as a team the committee narrowed it down to two options which we then put to the class as a poll – with Daryl’s design being chosen as the most popular. With the design below we feel that no-ones work would be hidden, as soon as someone enters the room they can see the whole length of the room, this will invite them to walk right to the top of the room without missing out on anything.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 01.52.19

Hannah and Niamh then managed to source boards for the room from the university so this will make our workload a little easier knowing that we no longer have to outsource them ourselves and that the noonan guys will come on in and set up for us.


To fund our end of year show the committee have organised a bun and bake sale which will take place on the 25th and 26th of April along with a movie night and raffle also on the 26th.

The class donated buns and books for us to sell down in the foyer, I was able to contribute to the bun stall as my family own Eleanor Craig’s fudge, so I managed to get a few bags donated. Charlie also drew up a rota for both days which included a few people from our class and some of the second years who are involved in the Animation Society volunteering:


The books were sorted the day before into their price categories:


Matt and myself ran the stall after having been down in the foyer for a meeting with our sound designer where we ended up chatting to Fine Art lecturer Alistair Hurran who used to practice experimental animation.

Alistair was extremely helpful in terms of who we should be contacting, how we should contact them and what we should be asking for. For example, We should focus primarily on the fact that we are local emerging talent and should try and organise an event to showcase our talent outside of the university walls, such as QFT, Black box, the mac inviting people from local companies and commissioners from the local broadcasting companies.  We’ll relay this information back to the rest of the committee at our next meeting and see what we can arrange.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 releases on the 27th of April so we decided to screen the first movie in the Conor lecture theatre on the 26th of April, from 8pm with the raffle being drawn afterwards.


Everything that we get up to before now and the end of year show can be seen on our facebook page and instagram: @ulsterunigradanimation

All together we managed to raise over £500!


We decided that to keep things consistent throughout the class that everyone would have their head shot taken in uni by Hannah T, myself and Niamh using the lights from the 3D scanner.


Some of the class then pulled together over the weekend to get stuck into the massive task of clearing out the first year room. On the Saturday we were able to get the room of all rubbish, wash the windows and the whiteboard walls, remove the macs from their tables, wash them and move them out of the main area of the room so that all that was left on Sunday was to paint the walls and re-wash the whiteboard walls as that stuff really wasn’t coming off.


The committee decided that instead of printing off A0 images on the massive foam boards like last year that instead we would print movie posters, frame them and then hang them on the bottom wall where people would be entering the room. We felt that this would give off a much more professional vibe but also it would make us look proud of our work.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 08.49.31

Matt was then also able to get Us Folk to design the logo and branding of our end of year show for free which which was awesome to hear! Unfortunately this won’t be set up for hand in but it will be up for the end of year show.

Niamh had also been organising a little booklet for people to have as they enter the room which will contain each project, the team members, where they are set up within the room and a little info about what the project is but luckily Us fold have also taken this on within their workload to keep the branding side of things consistent throughout the show.

In terms of boards it is then up to the rest of the teams as to what they want to have printed off and how they set up their own group, this way each project is allowed it’s own bit of freedom so long as there is consistency within the groups themselves.

The Room Setup:

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 08.49.19

The committee was really just a group of people who sorted all the aspects that would go into the final year show, collecting options for the rest of the class and advising on aspects such as business cards, eg, we had various business cards form last year and other shows to let the class know the do’s and don’ts, after all this show is a group show and we don’t want anyone feeling left out on their own or someone’s work not looking well presented. We weren’t attempting to criticise anyones work but just over advice on what design they should choose or what they could for to improve upon it but as usual there wasn’t a big turnout from the class and only a few people turned up.

Big shoutout to Niamh who took on the task of heading up the meetings and organising everything. She was a great lead for this task and worked hard to make sure everything was on time and that everyone was included!

Team Noodleshoe Set up!

Below are a few photos of how my team went about setting up for the show, we were lucky enough to have 2 successful projects to set up so we have split our spcae in half dedicating one side to Kimmy and the other to Hunger:

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to help out with setting up our teams space on the 21st as I was down in Warrenpoint as a production assistant for a short film being produced so I have to give a big thank you to my team for making it look as great as it does.

I was there however in helping to have everything prepared so that they could do this, helping to move around the tables, bringing in the old tv for Kimmy to be displayed on, sorting and collecting prints with Scott.

We also wanted to make sure that the public would be able to have something to take away with them form our projects, so we’re done a little bit of merchandising to allow this to happen




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