As part of our 250 word proposal we as a group decided that we wanted to travel to festivals, Dingle Animation Festival in particular as we had submitted our Life in the 21st century short, which ended up being part of the official selection.

The official booklet for Dingle Animation 2017:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 00.39.36

Before heading to Dingle we were able to gather together the names of companies and in particular which employees of theirs would be attending (courtesy of Alec)

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 00.59.22

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 00.55.53

We managed to grab a recruiter card from Brown Bag,  which I later followed up with by sending a ‘friend request’ on linked in and then once she accepted an message asking how best to avoid having that student feel to your work and showreel.

Below is a link to the showreel I managed to prepare before we headed to Dingle:


With being down at such a huge animation event it firstly gave us all a nice little break away from the studio – for an ENTIRE weekend, it was genuinely great not having to worry about not doing work right now, we just needed the weekend away to clear our heads but that didn’t mean any passion for animation or the project was lost because we kept bumping into students from Dublin and chatting about what we were getting up to. In any way this made us more excited about the work that we do, sometimes with being in uni all day you forget that you aren’t the only people that do this type of thing but part of a community filled with other people who are just as excited about the medium as you are and seeing what other students were getting up to inspired us and helped to light a little competition inside us – after all at any festival we go to these people are going to be our competition.

If anything this trip gave us the chance to get together and get to know each other outside of those university walls, it let us clear our heads meaning we would return back to our projects with a clear mind and with much more passion and inspiration after seeing the type of work that everyone else out there were getting up to and involved with.

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